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About Advantage Mechanical Services LLC In Houston

About us

Advantage Mechanical Services LLC is proud to be a top Houston HVAC Contractor & Air Conditioning specialist the area has to offer.

We aim to provide the Houston area with the industry's best guarantees, warranties and assurances. Our field management and equipment installation procedures enable us to take care of and assume responsibility for all we do.

Our Houston air conditioning company has been in operation since 1997. We grow each year due to our competitive programs and services offered to the public.

Our ongoing investment in state-of-the-art technology enables us to deliver the highest quality of services with the lowest possible prices. Our written training and employee development programs ensure safety and the delivery of reliable services.

We understand that time is valuable and want to get to you as quickly as possible. You're always a priority when you come to Advantage Mechanical Services LLC.

Air Conditioning Clean & Maintenance Checks

No Breakdown Guarantee!*

Advantage Mechanical Services LLC is so confident of the benefits of regular AC maintenance and the skill of our technicians that we offer our No Breakdown Guarantee to every residential customer who has had our annual maintenance service.*

AC Maintenance Prevents Breakdowns

  • Dirty AC units lead to potential problems and unnecessary AC repairs. Having a trained HVAC contractor inspect your air conditioner for looming threats is a necessity.
  • Minor problems can eventually cause a breakdown in your unit. Regular inspections, HVAC maintenance, and AC tune-ups extend the life of your air conditioner and maximize efficiency.
  • Our Air Conditioning Clean and Maintenance Checks will help improve efficiency, extend the AC unit's lifespan, and catch minor issues that will soon lead to breakdowns.

Advantage Mechanical Services LLC guarantees that, if we service your unit this summer, we will catch any small problems before they lead to larger issues. If we fail and something we missed proves troublesome, we will return for FREE! No trip charge, Diagnostic fee, or Service Call. And your original charge for the inspection will be credited to the needed repair!

There's Still Time to Schedule Your Clean and Check!

Advantage Mechanical Services LLC is performing AC Clean and Maintenance Checks throughout the Greater Houston area! Schedule your appointment today to slash your energy bills and protect your air conditioner from unseen breakdowns.

*Our No Breakdown Guarantee Will Not Cover:

  • Commercial customers.
  • After hours repairs, $50 An hour for warranty repairs requested to be repaired after normal business hours.
  • Shipping & Handling if necessary.
  • Refrigerant or Refrigerant disposal (refrigerant prices fluctuate daily).
  • Maintenance-related items not limited to: Clogged drains, dirty filters, or routine maintenance.
  • Existing conditions.
  • Equipment or wiring outside of the HVAC equipment including but not limited to: High voltage wires breakers & disconnects, low voltage wiring, copper line sets, or ductwork.
  • 3rd party related service including but not limited to electricians, plumbers, or crane.

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