Walk In Cooler Repair in Houston, TX

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Get Professional Assistance With Your Walk-In Cooler

Advantage Mechanical Services L.L.C. is here to help with walk in cooler repair in Houston, TX when you need it. Don’t let issues stay for a long time and get the repairs that you need today at 281-807-6085.

Common Problems With Walk In Coolers

Common issues you may find with your walk in cooler are as follows:

  • Condenser Coil
  • Evaporator Freezing
  • Panel Insulation Leaks

Our team is able to help fix these issues as well as other problems with your walk in cooler. Here are some ways that we may help clear the above issues. With a condenser coil, you first may need to consider where it will be located as the areas should be well-ventilated at a controlled temperature in order to allow the heat to be removed. If a condenser coil becomes blocked, it can insulate the heat and reduce the flow of air. With an evaporator coil freezing, you’ll have dirt and debris building up on the coils or otherwise have water that isn’t being drained. This will cause the heat transfer surface to increase in temperature which can put the walk in cooler at risk of failure. Make sure the airflow area is free of debris and clean off any debris or dirt that could be building up. You may see panel insulation leaks with age. After about 10 years standard insulation panels will begin to allow moisture and ice to build up inside which will deteriorate the insulating properties of the panel. When you see signs of buildups early be sure to replace the panel in order to not disrupt operations of the cooler.

Keep in mind that if you keep up with regular maintenance and cleaning, your walk in cooler can be working well with little to no problems. If you’re in need of walk in cooler repair in Houston, TX contact our team of professionals today.

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