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A flood-damaged AC unit can be a significant problem for your Houston home and family. If your air conditioning system was submerged underneath flood water or exposed to heavy rains, there are several actions you should take.

The best recommendation is to schedule emergency AC service to include a full inspection, cleaning, check-up, and tune-up with a certified HVAC contractor who's experienced in Flood Damaged AC and Heating Restorations.

Trust the experts in Flood Damaged AC Repairs at Advantage Mechanical Services LLC for reliable flood recovery service for your HVAC system in the Greater Houston Metro Area.

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What You Should Do When Your AC System Is Flooded

  • First, shut off the electrical power to the air conditioning unit by turning off the breaker in your home's electrical panel and turning off the thermostat.

  • Next, call your homeowner's insurance company to find out what coverage you have for the flood-damaged air conditioner or furnace, and then call Advantage Mechanical Services LLC to inspect the unit.

  • Our certified HVAC contractor will examine the flooded air conditioning unit to determine the extent of water damage to the electrical and mechanical components of your HVAC equipment.

  • We will check coils, electronic parts, fan motors, seals, compressor parts, and more for water exposure and damage.

  • Be aware that corrosion can take time to form on flood-damaged AC systems, and over several weeks, rust can attack exposed components.

  • Also, even if your system appears to work after it gets flooded or exposed to water, components may be damaged and fail.

Get Flood Damaged AC System Help in Metro Houston Now

Act fast to mitigate the devastating damage flooding may cause to your home's AC system. Use care and be safe by shutting down power to your AC unit. Call a professional HVAC service that has experience in Flood Damaged AC restorations.

The certified air conditioning technicians at Advantage Mechanical Services LLC, Houston, will complete a thorough inspection of the flood-damaged AC equipment, and either clean and repair the unit or replace it if it is too severely damaged to operate safely.

Part of the servicing process is checking to see if components have been short-circuited by the inundation of water, cleaning the unit, repairing components, and cleaning and drying coils, motor parts, and electrical connections.

Be aware that flood-damaged heating and air conditioning systems may not show noticeable problems for several weeks after a flood event. If a flooding event has impacted your HVAC system, it's time to call the emergency service experts at Advantage Mechanical Services LLC in Houston.


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