Houston AC company


Houston AC company

Houston Air Conditioning Services

AC Repair, AC Installation, and AC Maintenance

Nothing is worse than experiencing a broken AC in the hot Texas climate. Whether your air conditioner is blowing warm air or won’t turn on at all, you can count on the experts at Advantage Mechanical Services for your AC repair. We provide comprehensive AC repair services throughout the Greater Houston area. In addition to AC repair, we can also provide you with a new AC installation and maintenance.


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Houston AC Replacement
We're licensed, insured, and experienced in AC replacement services throughout the Houston area. An AC replacement you can trust from Advantage Mechanical Services LLC is what you need when the weather gets hot inside and out, and your old unit can't keep up with the heat.
Houston AC Maintenance
To ensure that your cooling unit lasts for years to come, schedule yearly maintenance. AC maintenance extends the life of your equipment and ensures it runs more reliably. Get the service you need from our pros before the weather gets hot outside!

Houston AC Repair

Many people deal with an air conditioner that doesn't run at some point in their lives. If you start to see signs of water collecting under your unit, your equipment fails to turn on, or there's another problem, call us to get the AC repair service you need.

Houston AC Installation

If there is one thing our air conditioning company knows best, it's how to perform an AC installation so that our customers stay cool! Let's talk about the process of installing a new unit and the equipment you'll need for your Houston home.
Houston Flood Damage
When you need help with your Houston home's cooling system after flood damage, call us for a consultation. We can provide a free estimate and advice for restoring your home's AC unit so that you and your family can get back on track.
Houston Emergency Services
Our emergency AC services are available in Houston and the surrounding areas. When it is the middle of the night and your air conditioner has been on all day but suddenly blows out hot air, there's a problem that needs attention! We can provide you with emergency air conditioner repair.