No Breakdown Guarantee!*

Air Conditioning Clean & Maintenance Checks

Advantage Mechanical Services LLC is so confident of the benefits of regular AC maintenance and the skill of our technicians that we offer our No Breakdown Guarantee to every residential customer who has had our annual maintenance service.*

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*Our No Breakdown Guarantee Will Not Cover:

  • Commercial customers.

  • After hours repairs, $50 An hour for warranty repairs requested to be repaired after normal business hours.

  • Shipping & Handling if necessary.

  • Refrigerant or Refrigerant disposal (refrigerant prices fluctuate daily).

  • Maintenance-related items not limited to: Clogged drains, dirty filters, or routine maintenance.

  • Existing conditions.

  • Equipment or wiring outside of the HVAC equipment including but not limited to: High voltage wires breakers & disconnects, low voltage wiring, copper line sets, or ductwork.

  • 3rd party related service including but not limited to electricians, plumbers, or crane.